Brennan's Philosophy

For nearly seven decades, Brennan's has charmed the palates and hearts of patrons with its splendid ambiance impeccable service, and authentic Creole cuisine. Masterful dishes like Bananas Foster and Eggs Hussarde are Brennan's originals, imitated across the globe.

The restaurant was originally opened in 1946 on Bourbon Street as Owen Brennan's Vieux Carre, by a colorful Irishman determined to run an haute French restaurant. He did just that, creating culinary history in the process.

In 1956, Brennan's moved to its current location at 417 Royal Street, into an historic building constructed by the great grandfather of Edgar Degas. In its early days, the structure housed the Louisiana State Bank, served as a private residence frequented by President Andrew Jackson, and was home to the eccentric chess master Paul Morphy. In 1975, Brennan's suffered a major fire but the restaurant reopened within months.

Ralph Brennan, nephew to Owen, and his partner businessman Terry White, bought the building in 2013 and completed a major restoration. Mystery and discovery surrounded the project. As talented artisans worked tirelessly for 18 months to restore one of the city's most cherished structures. A forgotten hidden door was found, while a rumored gold-filled tunnel was not.

Brennan's today is a dazzling display of New Orleans's illustrious past persevering in the present. The front room with its views of bustling Royal Street, now called the Vieux Carre, is a gracious nod to Owen Brennan. His dream clearly remains vibrant.


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