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Cheers to That!

As a “Grande Dame” of New Orleans Creole cuisine, Brennan’s emerged from its recent r...
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Bubbles at Brennan's

There is only one pink (or should we say rosé) building in the French Quarter – Brennan’s. Starting this Friday, April 10, the celebratory establishment will be popping off the “Bubbles at Bre...
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The Slowest Second Line on Earth

New Orleans restaurateur Ralph Brennan has a longstanding love affair with his Irish and Italian ancestry, and it is especially apparent with regard to his Celtic roots on St. Patrick's Day. On the weekend of Marc...
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The Muthas & the Othas

When New Orleans restaurateur Ralph Brennan bought the iconic pink stucco building that had long housed Brennan's, he never dreamed that he'd be acquiring a family of banana leaf-green turtles -- ten of them, ...
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Something Borrowed, Something New

There's an unabashed opulence about New Orleans' French Quarter, and the highly anticipated 2014 re-opening of Brennan's reveals interiors that cheerfully embrace the gilt to the hilt. In presenting the Fr...
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Restored, Reborn, and Reopening

Established in New Orleans in the 1840s, the Irish Channel clan of Brennan's began with the arrival of Ralph Brennan's great grandfather, Owen Brennan, a man admired in the community as a beacon of stewardship...
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A Royal Flush

It'll be déjà vu all over again…when the landmark building, formerly known as Brennan's, opens under new ownership with Ralph Brennan and Terry White, on Royal Street in the French Quarter...
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What's In a Name?

Terry White and Ralph Brennan have owned the landmark pink building at 417 Royal Street for the past several months. Today, Wednesday July 9 2014, the court allowed the proprietors to reclaim the final piece of the fo...
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