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The Courtyard

150 reception

PHASE II Occupancy: 25

The beautifully preserved open-air courtyard is adjacent to the Chanteclair Room and Roost Bar, with pristine, lush landscaping and a tranquil fountain along the back wall. This outdoor space accommodates 150 guests reception style and is perfect for cocktail receptions and wedding ceremonies, and may be booked in combination with any of the upstairs rooms. There are options for it to be converted to a dance floor, when needed, or tented during inclement weather.


Erin Haney
Corporate Events Sales Manager
Office: 504-934-3326

Ashley Brodie
Wedding Sales Manager
Office: 504-934-3329

Melissa U. Aucoin
Events Sales Manager
Office: 504-934-3387

Alex Bittermann
Operations Sales Manager
Office: 504-934-3325

Ashley Hill
Social Events Sales Manager
Office: 504-934-3376

The Courtyard
Floorplan showing Courtyard on First Floor