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Kasey Weisnicht

Private Event Sales Manager

Photo of Kasey Weisnicht

Kasey Weisnicht is a dynamic Sales Manager at Brennan's, specializing in weddings, social gatherings, larger corporate functions, and convention center events. With nearly three years of experience at Brennan's and a total of eight years in the event sales industry, she has established herself as a creative force in the world of event planning.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Kasey moved away for college, attending the University of Dubuque in Iowa, and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications. With deep roots in New Orleans, Kasey returned and began her hospitality career in hotels. She worked as a Catering Manager at the Royal Sonesta, followed by working as the first Catering Manager at the NOPSI Hotel. Establishing her commitment from the get-go, Kasey worked diligently even before the building was completed by participating in construction site visits, conducting acoustic testing, hand-picking banquet linens, equipment and more. Continuing her hotel journey, Kasey spent time working at the Loews Hotel. Switching hospitality gears and entering the restaurant industry, Kasey handled private events at Auction House Market. She discovered that her true passion lay in the world of restaurants, where her focus on clients and events felt like a perfect match. Kasey has now been at Brennan's for almost three years, and she truly values that the team shares a common goal and commitment to excellence.

As an artistic individual, planning events and working with clients allows Kasey to combine her passion for art and design with her skills in communication and sales. This is exemplified by her impressive growth, starting as an administrator, and ascending to the role of a seasoned Sales Manager.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kasey is married to Brian Weisnicht, who recently opened Plates Restaurant and Bar. The couple has a four-year-old son named Niko, whose soccer practice fills their weekends. In her spare time, you can find Kasey singing her heart out to Beyoncé or wandering Home Goods and Hobby Lobby.