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Morphy Room

12 seated | 12 reception

Chess prodigy Paul Morphy resided at 417 Royal Street in the 1800s, and the Morphy Room, a cozy parlor on the second floor, pays homage to the enigmatic man considered one of the world's greatest players. The décor evokes the mood of a sophisticated English study, with a red velvet sofa, cocktail table and, of course, a chessboard awaiting a pre-dinner or postprandial match. Rich wine-color lacquered walls have panels of Scottish tartan in salmon, burgundy, and dark green, and are perfectly paired with a checkerboard-patterned rug in matching tones. Above the fireplace's mantle is a portrait of the master himself, surveying the room while rooks, bishops and pawns slide across the board, as if contemplating an elegant checkmate.


Ashley Hill
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Kasey Weisnicht
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Joseph Laskowski
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Morphy Room
Floorplan Showing Morphy Room on Second Floor